Downtown Development Authority Incentive Grants

The Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority ("DDA") is a public private partnership that exists to influence, promote and support wide and intelligent development of the business and residential districts of downtown Grand Rapids. Developers, entrepreneurs and existing business owners conducting retail, commercial or other business activity in the City of Grand Rapids, should be aware of the various grants and incentives available to persons bringing a viable business and developing concept to the City of Grand Rapids.

Façade Grant

The DDA provides façade grants in amounts up to $50,000 for downtown buildings and up to $75,000 for downtown buildings with LEED elements. In addition, $25,000 grants are available for store-front merchants and $10,000 grants are available for services and restaurants all with an emphasis on exterior, curb appeal improvement to the façade and exterior of a business in the central business district of the City of Grand Rapids.

Signage Grants

DDA also provides grants of up to $5,000 for traditional retail businesses seeking to invest in an updated or new exterior building sign. In addition, grants of up to $2,000 are available for downtown restaurants and services again with location in the central business district getting high priority.

Build-Out Grants

Finally, the DDA does provide assistance to developers and merchants seeking to internally improve the space in which it will be conducting its business affairs. Build-out grants of up to $10,000 are available to downtown merchants.

Each of the grants have an application process and are managed through the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority. The attorneys Duba & Duba, PLLC participate in community volunteerism and have served on the City of Grand Rapids Board of Zoning Appeals as well as the West Michigan Sports Commission and through past client representation and community involvement have experience working with various boards, agencies, governmental units and commissions and would be happy to assist clients such as developers, building owners, tenants or persons investing in Grand Rapids real estate. Please contact one of our attorneys for addition information.

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