Commercial Refinance Representation

Recently, the attorneys of Duba & Duba, PLLC completed an $18 million commercial loan project wherein the firm represented eight separate, related subsidiary entities holding title to twelve different mid-Michigan commercial real properties in the process of obtaining an $18 million loan from a west Michigan based banking institution. Significant due diligence, including environmental investigation of the subject commercial real properties, extensive negotiation of numerous loan agreements, security package documents, mortgages, personal guarantees, security agreements and corporate formality compliance all were efficiently completed on behalf of a west Michigan based, family owned long-time going concern entity. Interaction with senior level governmental related institutions, facilitation of multiple lender relationships and timely completion of the closing target date so as to meet financial driven deadlines were successfully completed by the attorneys of Duba & Duba, PLLC, for and on behalf of its client.

This project exemplifies the sophisticated legal services provided by the attorneys of Duba & Duba, PLLC, brothers Christopher Duba and Donald Duba, on a daily basis, for well-known, successful and busy corporate clients throughout the Grand Rapids and west Michigan region. Duba & Duba, PLLC represents closely held Michigan corporations in general corporate counsel needs, succession planning strategic initiatives, review and negotiation of financial, investor and shareholder relations, and real estate related acquisition, divestment and sales representation. The Duba brothers team has a combined 35 years of transactional and business law experience in a wide variety of circumstances.

The topics contained in this article are intended to be general and representative in nature and not specific legal advice for any particular circumstance. Please feel free to contact Duba & Duba, PLLC to inquire about an analysis of your particular facts and circumstances.