Licensing and Liquor Control Commission

Licensing and Liquor Cont…

Growing up in a family that owned and operated Duba's Restaurant in Grand Rapids for almost 50 years, our attorneys had a firsthand look at the family owned and restaurant business models. As a result, our attorneys can relate to routine issues faced by the owners of family or closely held businesses in the restaurant and bar industries. This unique background has allowed the firm to develop expertise in the hospitality and beverage control areas, such as the acquisition and purchase of a liquor license, processing liquor license transfers, and approvals in the challenging Michigan Liquor Control Commission venue and before local municipalities governing liquor license approvals and permits. Our attorneys have varied experience in processing liquor license applications for hotels, motels, and inns; restaurants, neighborhood taverns, and night clubs; resorts and golf courses; breweries and brew pubs; and liquor, convenience, and specialty stores. Our attorneys also have experience in counseling and advising on franchise matters. This experience often results in a successful and expedited transfer of licenses.

Additional services include providing client defense of liquor code violations. The liquor license is a privilege and not a right, and a code citation should be defended vigorously. Examples of common code violations include citations for sales to minors, the unauthorized transfer of a license, and other administrative concerns. Our other administrative and regulatory experience includes assisting clients in securing other governmental licenses in the mortgage broker, insurance, real estate, and food manufacturing professions, and representation of license holders when his, her, or its license is impacted or compromised. In addition, both Don and Chris maintain a commercial real estate broker's license and thus are familiar with, and can appreciate, the broker's role and obligation with respect to relevant transactions.